European Cobblestone Driveways, Patios And Walkways - Stronite Eurostone

European Cobblestone Driveways, Patios and Walkways - Stronite Eurostone

Finally, a revolutionary way to apply a natural European cobblestone solution to existing concrete driveway beautification WITHOUT HAVING TO REMOVE your existing ugly driveway, walkway and patio areas. Introducing Stronite Eurostone, a natural metamorphic stone that is actually harder than granite and will endure driveway type traffic without breaking. At only 3/4″ in height, unlike pavers and pattern concrete applications, which are much higher in thickness, transition areas are not a problem and Stronite is quickly and easily applied with our 24″x24″ mats like standard tile applications. Stronite Eurostone is exactly one-half the price of having to tear out your perfectly good concrete and pebblestone driveway, walkway and patio areas and is the same approximate price as some inferior Epoxy applications, which are not a natural looking solution and require continuing maintenance. Whether it is a new or existing application, Stronite Eurostone is the answer to a natural stone look that brick pavers, pattern concrete and Epoxy applications attempt to replicate. Please contact us for ordering and any additional information you may require.

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